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June 20, 2016

who is a full stack developer

Gone are the days, when a developer holds expertise in one or two technologies or programming languages. In the competitive technology world, the programmers should have awareness and command over multiple technologies used in web development industry. In whole sum, you can say you need to be a full stack developer to manipulate all back-end and front-end programming works successfully. Nowadays, full stack programmers are in high demand in the web development field. They are meant to have a jack of all traits, but master in one.

What does a full-stack developer mean?

A full-stack developer is the developer, who has expertise in multiple programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and can manipulate web development projects successfully using all such languages. Also, developer is expected to have knowledge of file conversion like PDF file to WordPress, Photoshop design to front-end code, HTML to PDF file, and so on. A full-stack developer holds expertise in all ranges of programming skills and file conversion techniques using latest technologies. Moreover, he should be depth knowledge of managing database and server side programming too.

It does not mean that a full-stack developer must have command over all ranges of technologies. But, he should feel comfortable to work with the latest programming languages and have a fair idea of them. However, it makes him flexible to understand the need of project and explore its requirements easily.

What are the requirements to become a full-stack developer?

If you want to become a successful full-stack developer, you need to consider the following tips such as:

  1. Awareness of front-end and back-end technologies

You need to have depth knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies. It may include that you have a good understanding of multiple programming languages at least and also have practical experience to work with them at some extent. So, it would be a hard nut to crack to be master of all technologies. But, you should have little awareness of them.

  1. Find your strength

It is always necessary that you are aware of your strong areas in programming and have good knowledge of technologies that you have been worked upon earlier. Once you find your strength and working areas, you can handle the development projects easily and can fulfill your client’s requirement successfully.

  1. Command over on language, not enough!

By having knowledge of only programming language may not give you success in the competitive web development industry. You need to be smart enough and have good awareness of widely used technologies like HTML, ASP.Net, JavaScript, Photoshop, CSS, and other database languages. Make sure, you have studied about such languages in depth and know how to use them smartly to build hand-written codes.

  1. Be master in one, but have tasted others

It is good to have knowledge of multiple technologies to be a full-stack developer. But, you should not forget your real talent in which you are master. You need to be technically sound on few technologies, which you have learnt earlier and have years of experience of working on them. You need to polish the potential skills of yours and use them in your current development projects smartly.

By following above few steps, you can easily get the goal to be a full-stack developer in the industry.

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